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Our Office

We’re GREEN!

A “Green” office - it's a lifestyle— even small things make a difference!

We reduce/reuse/recycle:

  • for regular office cleaning, we use products that are plant derived and biodegradable;
    we’ve switched to biodegradable disinfectants;
  • the paper towels we use are made of recycled, non-chlorinated paper products;
  • we use biodegradable cotton gauze rolls;
  • we use as little plastic as possible;
  • recently, we invested in a digital x-ray system that cuts the radiation exposure to 1/3 of what we had to use previously, and we eliminated the harsh chemicals that we had to use for developing conventional x-rays;
  • we recycle paper, plastic, cardboard boxes and everything else we can;
  • our office is heated and cooled with geothermal energy;
  • we buy in bulk and refill smaller, reusable containers;
  • we have an in-office air-filtration system; so the air quality in the office is excellent www.surgicallycleanair.com
  • our practice is latex free to provide a safe environment for both patients and staff;
  • we use biodegradable or reusable bags for our take-away hygiene products;
  • we have an amalgam separator for water safety, so the amalgam does not get into the sewage;
  • we clean and sterilize all our instruments using a washer (HydrimL110W), and steam-based sterilizers (Statim 2000 and Statim 5000)

    Here is an informative web site that we recommend: www.pristineplanet.com